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The big lead up…

December 24, 2011
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Its this part of christmas that I think I love the best. The anticipation of whats to come.

While christmas day/boxing day is good fun in my family – its never as great as you mind makes it – thats why I love the build up so much.

I love that the kids are excited, I love a good clean page in a notebook with a long ‘To Do’ list on it, I love leaving the christmas tree lights on during the day, and I love the secret organisation that goes on around oblivious children 🙂


I have decided that every year I am going to make my kids something, either crafty or scrapbooking. I have made stuff the last few years out of need rather than want, but this year I am changing it to want.. and will carry this new fledgling ‘tradition’ on. I remember fondly {now} all the things mum made us kids over the years…. some I still have :)…. and I would love to have that happen for my kids.

So this year I am making my very nearly 5 year old a story book with a title of ‘I love you in lifes colours’, by Pam Amos. {I just googled her, and the name of the book and I cant find anything… so perhaps its a locally written story??} I picked up this pre typed up story book {with opposite blank pages}  up at a scrapping store many years ago, with the intention of getting round to it ‘one day’. And this is the year to do it.

Its a cute story with words like – ” I love you, the Raw Umber of ploughed fields, My little hare, As I watch you bounce and jump everywhere”. Each page is a different colour description, and a different animal.

Its been fun going thru my scrap paper box and finding matching stickers. The whole thing should cost under $8.00 {what I paid for the album for it to go into…} and makes it a lovingly made, good priced gift. Which is what I think this time of year is all about..

For my 7.5 yr old I found a chip board cut out at the the bottom of a drawer – are you seeing a theme here… using up stuff thats been sitting around for years! Its a cute one with flowers that hang below, and I am putting a photo of her and her BFF on there with letters spelling out ‘friends’ along the top. It will go well in her newly decorated room, and once again the cost is minimal {photo developing} with everything else I had already. I am sure both will love them!



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