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Awake at strange hours

December 24, 2011

I am finding myself awake more often at strange hours. This morning it wa s 4.50am…. and at 5.10am I gave up and just got up.

I have my alarm set for 5.55am so that I can go for an hours walk before I need to go to work. So I figured rather than just laying there tossing and turning I would get up and plan out my next weeks WW meeting.

Planning the meeting hasnt happened, yet, but I have have spent some time on FB and then catching up on others blogs, and while i didnt get the meeting done I have gotten through things I would of wasted time doing later on today.

I set a goal at the beginning of this month to exercise almost everyday in the lead up and beyond christmas, and I am happy to say that I have achieved what I set out to do – well almost… there are still some days left in December :).

I wanted to be able to workout – regardless of the food that I ate, regardless of what I was doing – so I worked out a rather intricate plan on a blank calendar and used my diary to help show me when I was working, when I was busy and when I was child free. I planned the workouts to fit in with my schedule, and ones that I knew I would be happy to do and in the time allocated. I think there have been a few days where I swapped rest days over, due to plans changing – but for the most part I have stuck to the plan. And that makes me very happy.

At my meeting last week the members were looking at their WI books and commenting on the weight loss, and some the lack of weight loss, they had achieved this year. So we spent some time reflecting on the year, and for those who are heavier than they began…not so negative parts of their year. We talked about the fact they have eaten good healthy food for 12 full months, we touched on the fact that perhaps not all their meals/forkfuls to their mouths were the best choices but that they were making better choices than they used to and that , to me is succcess too.

I am one of those who are ending the year heavier than I began it. I’m neither happy nor unhappy about it. I am okay with it….. I know why, and I refuse to feel guilty. What I do feel great about is that I know what I need to do to get down again, and i am not afraid of the work I need to put in – nor am I afraid that this is a slipperly slope heading further up the weight scale. I have all the skills i need.

More on this later…


anyway, its time for me to head off to our family chrissy eve celebrations…fun fun fun :mrgreen:

chat soon!!!

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