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Rainy day

December 18, 2011

We have had some serious rain here in Adelaide over the last 24hrs, and an incredible lightning and thunder storm!

We were at a 60th birthday party way out of the city and it was even more spectacular out there..just amazing. It rained so hard that the roof on the pergola could not handle the deluge and began leaking, resulting in chairs being moved to spots not under drips, and cups being held while dribbles of water filled them! It was a most amusing site seeing eveyone being completely comfortable with the rain and drips, for it was warm enough, and everyone carried on chatting. Not 5 mins later though the deluge was greater and the drips larger and the dribbles now full running spouts of flowing water – food was being dripped on and the cake was getting wet! It was time to run inside!

It certainly will be one of those fondly ‘remember when’ parties!


Today we are home for the day and I am so looking forward to it! We are speding the time getting our eldest daughters room ready to be re-painted and freshened up, which will be done tomorrow and so on.. It has been about 3yrs since last painting and while the room still looks okay, some of the walls are very dirty {from footmarks from nightly bed thrashings…} and she is getting older and would like a more grown up room 🙂

She has always had an ikea storage unit in there for toys and teddy’s and while it is very handy for quick finding and putting away {WHEN she puts stuff away…} it makes the room look so damn untidy all the time! So we have purchased a pine tall boy {op shop} and have sanded it and are repainting it white. Her clothes will go in there, and her toys will go in the built-ins, where we can shut the doors on them! We have also purchased a wooden desk {essential for growing up little girls} from ‘Gumtree’ and are re-using the exhisting curtains. I am hoping that the re-do will be for minimal price but will look great!

I will take some before and afters for a look see.


The last few weeks for me – weight loss wise – have been an up/down, committed/not committed, eating well/not eating well… and also feeling great/not feeling so great. I am in a strange head space of indecision, and am unsure if I might be perhaps at my ‘feel great’ weight – one where I feel good, I look good, I am fit and active and I can easily maintain this for several years to come. Or am I just taking the ‘easy way out’ and ignoring that ‘goal weight’…????

The next month is pretty busy and I have a two week holiday thrown in there as well – so I know that full committment to losing weight at this time is completely impossible {for me…}. I am hoping to just stay doing the same ol – same ol for the next few weeks, to get me through and will have to start thinking about what I am going to do….. but I guess I will put more on that later…hmmmm.

I know this sounds so ‘indecisive’ but that is exactly what has been floating round and round my head the last few weeks. And for me, to get anything sorted, it needs to be gotten out of the head and written down so that it may be worked out and disected. I hope to begin to be able to work it out sometime soon for it is driving me nuts!


Well – I am off to eat breakfast – and then to finish the empyting of the bedroom…. but I leave you with a wonderful pic of my two girls after decorating the christmas tree. I love the shot – it has a ‘niceness’ that I cant explain about it – and it also takes my breath away that I … as in ME…. I…. have two daughters who are so beautiful….and who look so grown up! When!! did!! this!! Happen!! :/

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  1. bubblymel permalink
    January 11, 2012 8:50 am

    You are such a proud Mummy! I love it! That photo is great and would make an awesome scrapbook page!

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