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Running round and round….

December 13, 2011
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What is it with this time of year and the many million small jobs that seem to need doing??

Today I had a long list of places to go and pick up things, drop off things, find gifts and I just did not stop! I am still going now, 10:54pm,  and could keep on going with that list!

I did have some great luck in finding a new pair of fancy smancy high heels….*insert whistle here* and a cute dress! Well two dresses. I found them all in under 1 hour and for under $100.00!! yeeehar.

Pics to come when I have the camera installed on this little lappy 🙂

We have a fancy smancy Christmas dinner to attend on Sunday night and I wanted a new dress and shoes for it. So I am pretty impressed that I managed to find them without too much hassle and too much money 😆

Anywy – this is a quickie as I am stuffed.

Insomnia paid me a visit last night. Again. The same time  2-4am. Its happening more and more recently and it worries me. Do I have too much on my mind? Is there something wrong?

All I know is it annoys the crap outta me.

Hopefully tonight I will be so tired that I will sleep through…


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