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December 9, 2011

who needs them huh???


but ones that dont boot up {at all} and display the same error message over and over are the worst! I even had to call my dad and get him to google the fault numbers…

The computer is at the fix it mans, but I wait with baited breath to see if it can be resurrected or not – and Im afraid to say I dont hold much hope for it 😦

Which would be fitting of 2011 – aircon fan, washing machine, fridge, car {cv joints, diff and shockers} and now the computer – all major things to have to pay out for…. along with the year we decided to go all out on a holiday and take a cruise! I am pleased to say though that we have managed to get through it  – and pay for it all with our own money, so thats a definite bonus 🙂


seeing/hearing/ knowing and being involved in some wonderful peoples lives – we are a family currently blessed with good health – and that puts it all back into perspective.

Its all just stuff. really.


My FIL has lent us for the interim, his spare computer. Thanks so much!

I have missed blogging, and reading blogs, and catching up with friends via FB.

and strangely I have felt rather alone.


My work revolves around emails and forms filled out via the net – and this week is stock take week and my order week…. so hoping on a computer is a {evil} necessity. I was using my dads mac… but its so different from a pc… that I was getting rather confused.

This computer is good, a bit slower than our one – but it connects to the net – and I can begin to feel like I am part of the world again 😉


I am trucking along with staying healthy, eating well and moving lots. And was rewarded with a good loss this week…. after 3-4 weeks of small gains or equal numbers.

Perspective…These are just numbers.

I am feeling great, skin looks better, chin feels sharper, clothes fit that little more easily.

and at a recent emergency department visit…nothing serious at all like the suspected appendicitis… {just wind pain 😳 } a nurse remarked on my very low resting heart rate of 50-51.

I told her I was pretty fit, and I had been laying on a bed for two hours ‘resting’ {reading my book ‘The Help’……. so so so good} .

but it was nice to know that all my work is paying off 🙂


Well I need to be buzzing off – I have two extras tonight, a return favour of babysitting from one that I called on with short notice.

The kids have been good, eaten a meal of hot dogs/carrots/rice snacks, decorated biscuits, played outside well, cleaned up out there too, showered and are now tucked up watching ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’… the original version. They all love it and I love it too!

Have a lovely weekend!!


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