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Time just goes by –

November 28, 2011

and before I know it several days pass and no blogging has occurred.

So what have I been up to?

Friday – my little one had her first day of school transition. awww.  She loved it – wore her school uniform too, even though she didnt have to. Can you tell the level of anticipation!

Night time was quiet – with one child at a sleep over and the other one and I watching  the ‘Santa Paws’ movie.  A good cute – slightly tear drop enhancing movie  😉

Saturday – was back to dancing. yah. Luckily the time passed quickly – and we were soon on our way home to spend some time relaxing. Then it was ‘frock up’ for me and I was off to my MG xmas dinner. We had a blast – with lots of good laughs and delicious food. Sadly my camera battery was dead so no photo’s this year 😦

I managed to get in a workout in the morning too – and felt so much better for it!

Sunday – we hit the beach for a shortish bike ride to a community street party. It was a delightful day  – and we all left feeling very weary from the sun, salty beach breezes and the hot chips consumed at lunch, yum.

Today – I did my usual {ha – this is the second monday in a row } monday step/pump class. I love it as the half hour cardio makes me feel good, and the half hour weights gives me noodle arms! I am going to do it each week – and have made a committment until xmas to do it. That will make it 5 in a row and will have my arms looking a little better… xfingers….


I was lucky enough to be the recipient of my bro’s old iphone! YipeeeYiYah!

I aim to be sensible and use it for large music storage, and my beloved ‘Conversations’ from 891 radio {I can store more than one of this thing!!! :mrgreen: }, and also for super convenient in the palm of your hand…. tracking.

I hope to not have facebook on it – ever.

Hold me to that ok??


So to the tracking: Today is done, I got it all down, and came in just under my daily goal. It gave me a note at the end to say that if I tracked/worked out like this everyday that I would be 5kg lighter in 5wks. Nice one! Shame there is a dirty great big eating fest 3/4 the way through those five weeks 😉

The aim of getting this phone tracking set up is to help me along for the next few weeks. I need to sit and write some goals out in the next day or two as well!

A definite must for keeping on plan.


Well my time on here is at the end… I hear the kettle boiling and the dishes being finished – definitely time to emerge again 😉


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