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Its done…

November 24, 2011

Dance concert is ova!


*collapse on floor*

While it was a great day yesterday – with all the kids behaving and smiling and having a wonderful time… its a tough day on the mums. Running round, chasing particular clothing items {in particular colours and at the last particular minute} and putting your hand in your purse numerous times…. and thats just for the parking meters outside the theatre!!

But my girls loved every minute – and thats whats important right?

Here are a few pics of the day:


And now I can get back to being ‘me’ again – eating at normal times and having the time to sit and track!

The kids were granted a day off from school {by us} and as a celebratory ‘well done’ for not only dancing well but for sleeping in till 9am {!!!}

first time…



we cooked some tasty pancakes and ate them outside on our back patio – in the glorious mid morning warmth.

And after working out and tracking my delightful stack of 3 GF cakes, yogurt, banana, almonds and maple syrup – I am only just hungry now 3.15pm! Time for a spot of veggie soup and a boiled egg – before a tasty dinner of lasagne {silently marinating goodness in the fridge} and steamed veg.

Here are my lovelies…. looking like zombies…..

gotta love the panda eyes from falling asleep in the car on the way home and not being able to take their stage make-up off πŸ™‚


No workout today – as I

  1. slept in
  2. ate a huge pile o’ cakes
  3. had the *messiest* house that demanded cleaning
  4. had to work a different shift than normal
  5. have to work another shift tonight – also not my normal one
  6. have kids swimming lessons to go to
  7. husband is already at work

So I will cut myself some slack – clean my house, eat well, work hard, prepare good food for the rest of the week and go to bed early for a big session at the gym tomorrow am πŸ™‚


Have a lovely day!!


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