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Cold Rain

November 20, 2011

I was up earlier than my alarm this morning – mainly due to the husband having to start work earlier than usual – and if I wanted to get in an hours walk… well I had to hustle!

I had my ipod charged with one of my favourite podcasts – Abc 891 ‘Conversations’… and I was off.

Today’s conversation was Tim Jarvis  and he was fascinating to listen to! Love explorers – and all to do with the Antarctic or Everest.

Certainly makes 52mins fly by.

About 30mins in though – rain began. Big fat COLD drops… brrrr. But I carried on walking all the same, as I still was only half way thru my hour and 30 mins from home 🙂

By the time I did reach home I was soaked, and had the yucky fuzzy black and white lines in my eyes… the ‘aura’ of a migraine… pesky little things.

I am home now and in my warm and fluffy dressing gown, coffee in hand, ibuprofen in my belly, ice-pack on my neck. I feel so much better for being able to get out and move – its just a shame it had to end the way it did.


This morning I am taking the kids to my parents house – where my Dad is going to photograph them in their dance costumes – in his own little make-shift studio. I am super excited – as I have spend many hours working on some of these costumes and want good pictures of them wearing them.

For the concert I will put their hair in ‘Rag Curls’ – but last night I plaited their hair in several little plaits so that they will look cute and ‘finished’ in the costumes. We watched {and sang along to} ‘Mama Mia’  – a total favourite!! – while I plaited – which was a lovely way to end a busy and tough day 🙂

Here are some shots of ‘Rag Curls’, which I will do later in the week – they are  cheap, energy efficient,  and easy to do!!

Cotton material - wrapped up with damp hair


seriously cute curls... and no need for one of those fake looking 'wiglets'





Have a lovely day everyone!!

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