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Exercise?? What is that again??

November 19, 2011

Hi ho!

How have things been?? 🙂

Thursday, Friday and now today – I have been trying to get out and move more! and things… as they will… keep getting in the way.

First the husbands working hours, then swimming lessons, then a sick instructor, then a pupil free day, then a previously booked appointment and now today a full days dance concert Dress Rehearsal!

Seriously! I get the picture. I just was not meant to be able to work out this last few days!

But tomorrow morning – I am Free! Well until 9am that is – when there is another app. booked and then a birthday party!

And just to throw it out there to show how busy I can get… a full day friend visit is happening monday, costume shopping and work on tuesday and then dance concert {all day} wed, recovery ‘day off school’ thurs and then its my youngest daughters first day of school transition on Friday! Yowsers…..

How do I do it??? and attempt to lose some weight???

By not having time to eat. {nah only kidding – i love eating…. its my life’s work 😆 }.

I just have to keep organised, go to bed early – so that I can rise early to work out before the business begins, and keep a cool head and heart when things dont wont go to plan… cos I know they wont 😉


 **Other news **

I am tracking.

Yes! Amazing huh?

Today is day 5… {its creeping up and getting easier}


 My two daughters had their costume day today – and a full run thru of the end of year concert – that is to be performed on stage in a few days.

They have four dances each – one being that fabo leotard full-o sequins! among many others. So I went armed with hangers and suit bags, stockings and shoes, scissors and needles, thread and spare sequins {lest any pop} – and spent 6hrs in a small room with 15 mums and 25 little girls! 😯

It was total CHAOS… and completely unorganised! But I come from a scouting/theatre back ground… where controlling a group of pumped up excited little people is done so well they think they are just having fun. But there – they had no clue. There was no get together at the beginning to catch everyone up on what is happening and when… and hardly one at the end. And a meager 10min break for lunch.

Us youngster mums were also treated with little respect, as if we knew nothing compared to the older girls/woman who have been dancing for years.

I wont go into it too much deeper, for it was a tough day. More so from my perspective having that long back history in theatre.

Next year may have to change… certainly not my kids involvement in dance and theatre – just where and how they, and we – for I am a mum that will be volunteering for years yet, go about it.




But that is not where this story is heading – for a few days ago when working out the logistics – I decided that seeing we would be getting home around 5.30-6pm I would take the kids out {for a super special you’ve done so well today treat} to for tea.

Also highly depending on behaviour on the day.

I have to say that they were very good all day, did what was asked and listened well. And they were SO excited to find out they were heading to macca.s for tea – let me tell you. Its such a rare treat now {financial and health reasons}  and once there we ordered the kids ‘old’ favourites.

and you know what?

They hardly touched any of it!

I ate a few chips {that were cold bleugh}  and half a nugget {double bleugh}., but they both left a fair amount.

And you know what? I think they only wanted to go there – cos it sounds great, cos of the advertising, cos of the lure and the promise of the golden a.rches…..

 And they both worked out that they dont really like the food anymore!


And I worked out that the service at this one really stinks, the cleanliness of tables and floors was less than average, the other customers were super feral {even being rude about how ‘distgusting the burger looked and they will have fresh fries…thanks very much– well at least he said thanks….} and the toilets only had HOT water  – too hot for little hands.

I hope they {my kids} are learning a life long lesson.

Stay away from the golden ar.ches….

Its not the ‘treat’ its advertised to be.


Right then – its off to bed for me. A run/walk is mine for the taking in the am!


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