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two days in…

November 17, 2011

with no sugar and I am feeling better than I was a week ago!


Taking the few days to detox/wean off it, is tough… but I think I am almost there again.

I have tracked too – properly, and by that I mean everything even if it hurts to do so,  for the last two days…. and I have logged it on my Day to Day blog…. so I am moving forward and doing ok.

My WI this week…. 😦 for I gained another .300g – same again as last week. So far my little challenge to keep me losing each week is not working. I see these weight gains going hand in hand with the lack of tracking. Definitely. A few weeks back I lost 4 wks straight…. and if you check my tracking dates alongside my loses – they equal. So back to tracking it is for me. Being honest with myself is the key.

Exercise this week has been great – and I have burned some serious cals…. but I have also eaten some serious cals too 😦 I think to myself that I am doing okay and not eating much, but it all adds up so fast – and before I know it I have eaten well over my quota.

In the interest of being honest with myself….take last night – I ‘snuck’ 4 Jatz and 3 cheese twists – you know those biscuits with their cheesy crunchy twisty goodness – well I just tracked them…… get this – 3 of em, 3 single harmless looking twist of loveliness  = 7pp!!! holey moley.

So my “great day” turned a little sour. Add on the 2pp of Jatz and I went way over. Sigh.

And I will think twice about ‘sneaking’ them again…..


Today is a quiet day at home – I plan on cleaning up and sorting out some kitchen cupboards, I plan on eating to my food plan, I plan on tracking and I plan on doing some form of exercise tonight.

I normally hate to exercise late in the day – but I am going to take my own WW leader advice and sit and work out a fun thing to do that will get me out of the house. Even if it is not overly strenuous.

I need to move more each day. And I know it does not have to be a full hour heart beating cardio workout … but something…. car washing, a walk, swimming… anything.

Right – off now to finish cleaning up, wack some washing on, fold more washing and get started on the cupboards and dreaming of my fun workout tonight 🙂

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