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Up at 6…

November 7, 2011

I did it – I got up and went, a bit later than I wanted but I did it.

60mins later I was home, showered and had a bowl of porridge bubbling

The plan is to do it again tomorrow morning 🙂


This past week has been one of eating.  All the time I was thinking in my tiny brain that I was doing ok, but when I go back and track it all…. how wrong I was! Seems my little bits here and there that were munched have caught up with me and I feel bloated and yuck. and my tracker is looking nasty.

I have had some very busy days – out by 9am and home by 5pm.ish for the last 4 days… and while I have taken my own food, I have not been overly good at sticking to eating just what I have bought. Its a pick here and a bit there – adding up to a rather frightening PP number 😳

But this week at WW the meeting topic is that not every week can be perfect, and when you do have day/s that dont go as you plan – just be fine with that and get back on plan when you can. Dont let it be the undoing of weeks/months of hard work.

So I plan to do that. I had a healthy stir fry and rice for tea, and am about to have a cuppa and I am done.

Tomorrow will be a better day.


Christmas Challenge:

I have set myself and my members a little challenge between now and Christmas – and that is to aim to lose each week – be it 100g or 500g. I have even made a little Chrissy card with a weekly tracker to be able to place a star when achieved. We plan to donate a food item for each star gained to a local charity for christmas too!

Its a challenge to learn/remind to keep up the healthy habits even in times of goodies galore and with the weeks getting busier you need to remember that eating healthy when you can is important – and not being too hard on yourself when you dont is important too. keep on swimming.

In the last 4 weeks I have lost weight at all my weigh ins!! Only one though counts with the challenge, which felt wonderful… but after this week of picking I can foresee a gain 😦  so I need to keep up my good eating and cut back completely on my snacks and treats. Perhaps I can undo a little of the gain???

Ah well if not – I recognise it and dont plan on continuing.


Well I need to head off and do the dishes…boo, while watching ‘Big Bang Theory’… yah…. then do some washing folding…boo, with a nice cuppa…. yah.

See its all about balance 8)

Catch you tomorrow!

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