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Cleaning up – Tossing out and Recipes

November 3, 2011

Not sure what has gotten into me – but I am in a real cleaning up and chucking stuff out mood. Re-organising and tidying… secretly I love it…

It is on my 101 in 1001 list – to clean out some cupboards and some tubs at the very top and yesterday I began!

It was my craft stuff first – sorting out what I want to keep and donating/tossing the rest. I will always have craft in my life and even though I dont use much of it at the moment, I know I will one day. I didnt get rid of much, just the things I know I will never use again, but the sort out and tidy up make me feel good 🙂

While going through all the stuff I found my box of cards/letter/memorabilia – stuff that you cant dont want to throw out – but things you dont want just lying around the house. Its all things that when they {my kids perhaps???} go through our belongings in years to come will wonder “why did she keep that???”.

I had such a nice time with old memories! And yes one day it will be worthless useless stuff, but for now it all represents ‘past me’, and I like the knowledge that its all there when I want to sit and remember. I did sort through it all, and only kept cards of meaning and other small memories.

Also found was my STACK of recipes – having been a pastry chef for 17yrs and living with a person who has been a chef for 20yrs… our pile is large. Books we cull periodically… but paper recipes and handmade recipe books from workplaces lie in their storage box waiting for a better use. I am determined over the next year to sort out a system, for not only better storage of them but to be able to put some of the delicious ones to good use again. For it is easy to forget about old favourites when they are tucked away.


I am having a rest day from exercise today, as I have done a few big ones recently and am not feeling the best today {dry, sore throat, lethargic and sleepy} so a much needed ‘day off’ is wonderful.

Right, I’m off to clean up my sorting out mess…. seems my floor is now a bigger mess than the cupboard was 😳


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