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Fresh Week, Random catch up and C25K

November 1, 2011


I am trying to get in the groove of writing this blog again, seems my 3 weeks off has left me with nothing to say………………………………… nah!!!!

That will never happen!! :mrgreen:

This week I am all back to normal, with no commitments other than the normal ones, meaning I can get back to tracking, exercising properly and focusing on a healthier me – all leading me back down towards my goal weight again… I loved being that ‘small’ and would like to be nearer that number than further away from it.



This morning after the school/kindy drop off I headed straight back out and did Day 1 of Week 3 of the Couch to 5km running programme! Hooray for the fact that it is getting easier every week, and I am feeling fitter and better each time.

This weeks rhythm is:

  • 5min brisk walk – warm up
  • 90 sec run/90 sec walk
  • 3min run/3 min walk
  • Repeat
  • 5 min walk – cool down

At the end of those 3 mins I was expecting to feel terrible but no! I felt great.

Yesterday I also did a step/pump class at my gym – where we do the first 22 {or so} minutes doing step aerobics the last 22 {or so} minutes doing pump. Its a great 45-50min workout including cardio and weights and the added bonus is a cal burn of over 600 in that short time. ooh dont forget the muscles I am building and the toning. Best Part hands down!

I love this class and plan to do it every Monday… {except for this coming one as I have my MG to go to, where the venue is further out of the city}.

Its nice to be feeling fit and healthy again!


Weigh Ins:

Having lost weight the last three weeks, I intend to keep it up – be it 100g or 500g… I just want to lose each week, I just want to end the month lighter than I went into it.

This is what I am going to plan into my WW meetings this week! For its a good pattern to follow.



The last two to three weeks have been on and off with this, and I ended my last ‘run’ of tracking at 23 days – on 12th October…. the show I was doing opened on the 14th….see busy days meant no tracking.

But I did track yesterday, and have begun today’s already – and I want to get over that 23, and possibly beat my PB of 32days!



This is a comment I wrote on Sassying It Up – blog, and this post she wrote is exactly how I feel about Halloween here in Australia.

“Last week while shopping I spied some ghost shaped chips ‘on sale’ for $1.00 at the beginning of an aisle, I put them in my trolley due to the fun and cheapness…. then had a rethink – 1) I dont agree with the slow saturation that we are being fed of Halloween, 2) They probably contained crazy, habitat destroying ingredients {palm oil perhaps} and 3) my kids would never know they were ‘missing out’. Felt much better then!”

I dont really know the origins of the Halloween festivities, and nor do I wish to be rude, judgmental or offend those who wish to take part in some fun dress up parties, but what I do object to is the – increasing every year – plastic flotsam that the shops put out for decorating homes and bodies. Does Australia really need all this extra crap to head to a landfill the next day – when suddenly on Nov 1 it becomes tacky and cheap looking…

Do we all need to waste whatever precious money we work hard to earn on stacks of plastic.. and what happens to all the spooky things not bought???

Call me Miss Negative or what-ever… but seriously – the ‘must have’ of all that stuff is not needed to have a little fun??

Ok rant over 😉


Right… now I have vented I can get on with my day 🙂

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  1. Jane permalink
    November 2, 2011 9:13 am

    Too true about Halloween! Might have to try that run / walk program looks good!

    • November 2, 2011 11:12 am

      Yes its a good one the Couch to 5km… you can download it free off of Itunes.

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