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May as well call this a weekly blog….

October 28, 2011

Woah – am I trying to break records or something??

Err… its definitely the ‘something’ part – for life is, and as always, super busy – where I seem to run from one activity to next each day and then go to bed and rise to do it all again.

This past week has contained many things – working, running, eating { 🙂 }, school/kindy days, kindy in the park, school building openings, sequinining, mums group, more working, theatre time, family time, days in the pool and more than a few days/ hours with plans changing at the last minute! But being the logistics queen, super star, lover, hero …. erm on the end of logistical nightmares frequently I can handle it all…. I can do it all 😉 for I am woman.

Hear me Roar.


Seriously though, something has to give, and I cant let it be my eating or exercise for I only have just worked it all out again… so its the blog – sorry blog. You are loved. really….


Tonight, tomorrow lunch time and then the evening show, mark the end of 3wks of the theatre show I have been involved in. While I have had a great time  – while there – the getting there and the rush to have the kids and dinner, bathing and pj’s ready have only added to an already hectic babysitting, go here and go there lifestyle.

I will be sad to say farewell to a great show, and to some lovely people I have met there, but I will be glad to get my nights back to me again!

I know the kids will be pleased too. For they really start acting up when too many of their bedtimes are later than usual, and too many people are  involved in their parenting.


Other news:

I have just completed week 2 of Couch to 5k!!

Its taken longer than the two weeks, but if you have just read the first part of this post,  it contains all excuses answers for the length of time taken 😉

I am pleased though, with my progress, seeing I have not done any continuous running for MONTHS, and it feels good to be back at it! I have already downloaded Week 3 ready for sunday morning.

I also feel a lot better now, fitness wise and body shape wise, and have even lost some weight the last three weigh ins!! 1.5kg {.4 + .7 + .4 to be exact} and I am aiming for 4 wks in a row with losses, and more after… even if its not huge numbers… they are numbers that are less than the week before – and that rocks the MOST!

My polar watch has seen the numbers ‘2000’ for calories burnt each week now for 2 weeks and I am half way to the same for the third. Yehaw.

I am trying to track as best I can, although I am not having a huge amount of luck getting to a full days tracking. I do well in the morning, and then the sugar 👿 craving steps in and I go all crazy and gobble anything that contains it. Sugar has been my ‘friend’ for a week or so and I am having a hard time weaning myself from its grasp! I keep trying though, and I will succeed over it.

Today is day 2 of tracking everything. And its still been tough, some sugary biscuits have made it into my mouth, and now I feeling fuzzy headed/vision {sugar….} from them. sigh.

But I will keep trying.


Time is up for me on here, its time for dinner prep, kids outta the bath and off to the babysitters – and me to the Theatre. Wheeeeeeee

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