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October 21, 2011

Me…that’s who 8)

and here is where….

Yes I am now a Uni student again!!!! Yesterday I re-enrolled in my University course, so that next year I will be able to get back to the degree I began in 2010 – after a 6mth break due to stress, then a year off to do Kindergarten runs. Very shortly baby girl will be 5 😥  and going to school, and I will be able to spend some time on me and my future.

I am studying a Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Sciences.  Its an internal, full time course, and 3 yrs long – ending up as either a Nutritionist or a Food Scientist. Not sure yet which way I will lean {but this week its Food Science 😉 }  but we stream off into our preferred area in the middle of second year – so I wont need to make that decision until June 2013.

But because I have already done one half of first year I need to finish the other half , which means the first half of next year is empty….

except I have been given permission {?*} to do my two electives from 3rd year, which I will do in the first half of next year – kinda confusing but its a good way to ease myself back into it before going full time again!

So beginning Feb 27 2012 I will be studying Aboriginal Cultures {required} and Recreation and Wellness Management {free choice}.

Then in August it will be back to Chemistry, Biology, Statistics for Laboratory Sciences and Sensory Analysis of Foods.

I am excited to be heading back and nervous ’cause I know how much time it takes out of my family life but confidant that I will make better use of time this time round.

Also I will be far better prepared – not only having prior knowledge of how it all works, but as I have done the first 3 weeks of these courses already I plan to use this mini head start to my advantage.

While the first half of the year is only 2 subjects – I will have plenty of ‘free’ {haha} time with both kids at school… so the plan is to go back over the subjects/text books that I learnt in the first half of last year and do a mini refresher course of my own. I want to read each chapter of the text books and do the self test for each one.

I have big plans and I really hope to be able to stick to them.


Right, now I really need to go and clean my house – then out for a quick run, then off for some waxing, then to a family friends wedding ceremony, home to cook tea and then we are taking the girls to see Beauty and the Beast! Phew…


*not sure if this is a special permission as such, or just something that anyone studying part time can do. I do know that if I were studying full time there would be no possible way as they are both full time subjects.

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