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Crazy weeks

October 19, 2011


With more ‘Draft’ posts than ‘Published’ ones this week – its a sure sign that I a super busy!!

Going back to back with a full on week at the theatre helping out with the Beauty and the Beast production, to this week subbing several WW meetings in the last few days, all this running around has left me with little time to sit and relax, little food left to eat and a very messy house!

Oh and throw in the mix one unwell and vomiting daughter, a day trip to Middleton and the beginning of the last school term for the year.


Can I slow down now??

I will admit that I love being busy – and am usually wondering what else I can do when I am stuck home for days in a row. And of course I find myself now in the opposite end of the spectrum – longing for days at home!

Grass is always greener – I suppose.


Other good news – I hit 2100cals burnt on my Polar Watch this week!! Yeehaw. First time since late July/early August! I am happy to still be fitting in exercise 🙂

I feel better {body wise/shape wise/clothes fitting}  than I have for some time, and while still am weighing in -the number registering on them scales certainly does not reflect HOW GOOD I am feeling!! Just goes to show me again and again that that pesky little number on the scales is evil almost…

I am sort of tracking – I am trying – really… just life is too busy to sit and work it out. I know – I know – ‘your never too busy’ {I preach but not practise…} but I am feeling the need to spend time with family rather than tracking. Prioritising!

Today my shopping is done, and I have run a few errands so I have free time from now —->  once I do the school/kindy pick up, go to the gym, take the kids for a swim, cook tea and work one more shift today …. so from then on I will be free to get back to it again! 😉

Gotta run, the is a timer that is telling me my time is up –  is beeping!!

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