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Much fun was had!

October 7, 2011

This last week has been a bit of blur, and I am amazed to find that it is Friday already, and we are one week into the two weeks off of school!

But the days have been filled with lots of activities and good fun.

Saturday was dancing, and it being the last one of the term it was ‘Parent Watching Day’, where the kids can show off all the wonderful things they have learnt during the term. Both girls have come a long way, and are loving it {which makes the money being shelled out each week for costumes a little easier to deal with 🙂 }

While I sat and watched, J packed up the camper trailer and the tonne of stuff needed for non power camping, and we headed off on the first family camping trip with J’s parents, sister and her family.

Chookarloo on the Heysen Trail was our destination – a fabulous state forest campground {that is very nearly to be closed due to ‘hoons’ and their partying 😦  so please stop!! } . Its basic camping – no power and drop loo’s, but in honor of the long weekend {and the campsite being full} – hired port-a-loos are placed around the site to cope with the increase of alcohol and rich food deposits 😉

The kids had an absolute ball! With young A learning to ride without training wheels,

and L learning how to run into a skipping rope and keep skipping in time – not an easy thing to do {swung by me and the other end tied to a tree }

Other activities included Orienteering,which included an in-your-face-only- 15mtrs away-nature-at-its-best Kangaroo mating  – complete with grunting and thrusting 😳 and then of course the inevitable questions from both miss 7 and miss 5!

Pond skimming –





where we found frogs

tadpoles and other amazing water creatures


all identified with my MIL’s fabulous-laminated fact sheet

{she is an outdoor educator} she loves to teach the kids {and us} all sorts of amazing facts, and our kids love it too! We always seem to gather quite the gaggle of on lookers though – as the equipment carried shows that we must know what we are doing.

Bike riding, walking, chatting, relaxing and eating good food were also activities crossed out on the completed to do list.

It was lovely few days away, and if not for work I could of stayed longer.


After one night at home the kids were whisked away for a sleepover at their granny’s house. And I had 1 1/2 days at home, with no-where to go, no-one to look after and no real deadlines! It was lovely and relaxing. But I did find myself not getting as much done as I normally do – seems that having people to look after, deadlines and diary bookings keeps your more motivated than just pure nothing.

I did manage clean out both kids rooms, quickly depositing rubbish and old chuck out toys into the bin/goodwill box before they got home – I have learnt my lesson the hard way on that one! I did some swapping around of furniture and bedroom re-arranging – for Miss 7 has a new desk going into her room, along with an in the near future bedroom re-decoration.

Feels so good to have the messes sorted!

We also caught up with a good mate of ours, who needed some friendship and laughs after a particularly tough few months. We hit a local and as yet unvisited local pub for a meal {delicious and cheap – we will be back!} and sat and chatted, while drinking and laughing at drunk and very funny 22yr old, it was beers for the boys and sparkling red for the girls. YUM.

I would love to be able to do this more often! But little kids make it difficult, and I know that one day our turn will come!


The time off ended with dinner at their Granny’s house {oh she is such a good cook – I could eat and eat and eat there, but I have to restrain myself!!}  and a quick detour into town to pick up a new Polar Heart Rate Monitor body strap – as mine is measuring my heart rate at all sorts of crazy numbers! One minute 160 b/m the next second 38 b/m and then the next would be 208 b/m 😯  making for frustrating workouts!!!! I have not used it for a workout in weeks, and I really miss it and the accountability and encouragement it provides!

J had a voucher from running the City to Bay, giving 25% all products in the store – which made my new strap $18.00 instead of $25.00! yah for bargains!

Cant wait now to get back into using it!

Other cool bargains gained yesterday were three single bed quilts from Spotlight – total price $110.00 – which I got all 3 for $40.00! yah to staff who mark prices wrong!


And there we have it – 7 days passing in a flash! And the next 7 are almost full up too!


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