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Cooking up a storm – Day 2

September 29, 2011

More cooking happening round here – the key for good healthy eating is to be organised!!

First up was some pizza pin-wheels for my youngest daughters Kindergarten break up party – no photo’s were taken at that hour of the morning – but I just put tomato sauce, diced ham and grated cheese onto a sheet of reduced fat puff pastry – leaving about 2cm at one end clean {to wet lightly and use as the seal for the roll}, rolled er up, baked at 220deg for 10mins – and they were done.

So I figured that while the oven was on I would put it to good use!

Gluten Free Bread:

Baking my own out of a packet was cheaper than buying a loaf – and also I was able to custom ‘shape’ the batter. The dough batter comes of the mixer a thick, sticky, messy & gloopy – and looks about right for a mixture not containing Gluten. I filled a lge loaf tin, and then two small round pie tins – and all three baked beautifully.

This time round I just followed the recipe – but next time I will experiment with flavours.

I had some of the bread for lunch, toasted and served with soup – and it was pretty good. It is dense tho -and the two thin {as in less than 1cm think for both} slices I cut off weighed 63g, which = 6pp for WW! Holey Mackerel!! I think I may get plenty of serves outta this loaf!!


Then while the oven was still on I made up some Carrot and Apple Muffins/Cakes – adapted from this great looking recipe – Carrot Cake with Banana’s @ Madhuram’s Eggless Cooking! – Which she then linked to this site – @ with the actual recipe.

I adapted it slightly – and added stewed apple instead of Banana’s and they baked well – a bit soft but I hope with cooling and freezing they should be absolutely fine!


Then I made chocolate chip cookies for the kids to have while camping – and used this recipe, and its a keeper!!! For I had a small taste of the dough – and one biscuit – and my heavens they were damn good!

I made the full recipe – baked 1/3 for the weekend and rolled the rest of the dough into foil and put it in the freezer for quick and easy baking when friends come over in the school holidays. This also stops me from eating them frozen straight from the freezer 😳

So another productive day in the kitchen!


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