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Cooking up a Storm

September 28, 2011

The last few days have been NUTSO, and a lack of time has led me to eating all sort of crappy foods – and ones that contain Gluten – making me feel {worse ???/guilty/cranky at myself}.

I also woke up yesterday feeling fine, but when I brushed my hair I flicked my head sideways and got this sharp pain from the base of my neck down and round into the bottom of my shoulder blade – it felt like I had pulled a muscle.

The strange part is that both J and L have complained of this very same pain/feeling for most of last week – can we all strain the exact same muscle in the same fortnight??? Or is a virus?? Very strange – and one that I cannot explain. All I know is that I dont feel ‘right’, had a thumper of a headache this time last week and have this pain now.

So I am taking it easy on the exercise front – but working hard in the kitchen!!

And funny enough a storm was happening outside, while I cooked up one inside 😉

Yesterday I spent a few lovely hours browsing through Op shops {FAV pastime!!} as I had an opening special of 50% off clothing voucher at one.

I got all this for $14.00, and the clothing {short denim skirt, nike workout pants, two cute 3/4 sleeve tops} for $5.50!!! The rest are picture frames for my daughters room re-do, and a new-ish ceral container.

Love bargains…!!!

But as I was out all day – homemade lunch was necessary – so I made myself some healthy cold rolls and dipping sauce! Yum one of my favourite styles of lunch!

cutely packed too

Here is a quick step by step guide how to roll your own:

  1.  soak wrappers in shallow dish of cold water – 5 mins
  2. grate/chop or slice finely veggies of your choice – I did carrot, zucc, snow p. Add flavours and sauces  – I did fresh mint, sweet chilli, oyster sauce, teeny bit of soy and hoisin, rice wine vinegar
  3. pull wrapper out of water, lay on towel and pat to dry off.
  4. Plop on your filling, and fold over bottom and ‘tuck’ it under filling, fold in edges and roll tightly, making egde of wrapper at bottom to hold it firm.
  5. dipping sauce – chopped almonds, soy, hoisin



This morning I had plenty of time to make up this batch of pancakes that a friend gave me

And cos I am also doing egg free I made them with ‘Chia Eggs’.

for one ‘egg’ substitute – 1Tbs Chia – 3 Tbs cold water – let sit for 15mins…. and you have thick claggy chia ‘eggs’

Mixed in with pancake mix – I did add 30g Brown Sugar – to add some sweetness/flavour

and cook!

Then I topped with vanilla yogurt, two fruits, 5g brown sugar and some pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Twas Delish!


Also cooked today –

Stewed apple:

{seeing Banana’s are still crazy priced….}

2.2kg Granny Smith Apples, 1/4cup water, 1 tsp Cinnamon and 6 Cloves – on low for 20mins


Roast Capsicum Hommous:

tin {drained} chickpeas, 1 garlic, 25g tahini, 70g nat yogurt, 1/4 caps roasted, squeeze of lemon juice, pinch salt – then all blended together till smooth.


Breakfast beans:

tin 4 bean mix, tin tomatos, diced finely 1 onion, 1 garlic, 1 carrot,  1 stick celery, then 2 bay leaves, parsley, dried thyme, 2cups gluten free chicken stock. Simmered till thick!!


So from today I should be well prepared for the rest of the week, and a camping trip planned this weekend.

I am still tracking over at DaytoDay – but looking over my weeks tracking there I have not done as well as I wanted on the Gluten Free eating, so this week I am hoping to improve – as the only way is to keep trying, right??

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  1. bubblymel permalink
    September 30, 2011 1:48 pm

    Pancakes look delish!!! Loving the breakky beans!!

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