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Whirlwind Weekend

September 25, 2011

This weekend was completely free of any activity {other than dancing lessons Saturday morning} but has ended up being a huge weekend – and I am stuffed!

After dancing, there was a hastily put together play date, then a quick run to drop the kids at a friends for a sleepover, me out to dinner, then back again this morning to the friends to pick up kids – and while they were busy with a movie and sand digging we snuck out for a quick hours walk thru the gorgeous gorge Morialta!

Once I had finally dragged the kids away we ended up meeting with the girls grandparents to swap an un-swapped-back car seat. The girls had a great play at the Hazelwood Playground  – which is up there with the best in Adelaide – it even has dinosaur bones buried in the bottom of the sandpit!

A first - Sherbet IceCream

She loved it - but every lick ended like this! too funny

Nothing beats chocolate flake cone for my little A!!!

We are home now for an hour or so  – and then it is back out to dinner to the same friends house. Phew!! I will need tomorrow to recover 😉

Lucky for me it is my mum’s group – so I will have plenty of time to relax, drink cuppa’s and chatter all day….. love those girls!

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