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Naturopath visit and recommendations…. hmmmm

September 24, 2011

I booked in months ago for a visit to one recommended, and my turn finally came round the other day!

I dont have desperate need to visit one, but have always been interested at what one could do for my long term health and well being. And seeing I have been to the docs a lot more this year, I figured now would be a good time.

Unfortunately the symptoms I had been experiencing were now no longer hanging round and bugging me :(, but I carried on non the less, and told her all the digestion and indigestion troubles I have had long term and more recently in increasing frequency.

After testing my blood for diabetes {a resounding No 🙂 } she went on to use a machine, that could be called many names by cynics…. but as I was there purely for interest purposes, I kept an open mind and played along.

The vaga-meter {???}  machine measured my body currents {?} and showed a few interesting things – intolerance to gluten, eggs and fats.

And a mild case of …. worms. 😯

Yep you read it right! I must say I was a bit shocked to hear her mention something quite random and very personal!!! but it certainly stopped my inside voice yelling……….  “Quackery”… oooooooeeeeeerrrrrrrr….. Can this machine really ‘see’ inside me????

And having a four & 3/4 yr old daughter who not only hates to flush/wash her hands after the toilet – she also sucks her fingers for comfort – so the diagnosis was a confronting, but certainly not shocking.

I alike it to being told I have nits… for both girls are long haired and love to hug others at school and kindy …. its much in the same vein, and could happen at any time.


The other ones – gluten {puzzling but okay}, eggs {holy moly what will I eat now} and fat {well der…}

All up it was an interesting and $$$ visit – which found me waiting for my lift home clinging onto bottles of tablets and a detailed list of when to take what and how.

So – having spent so many $$$ I am willing to give it a go – her recommendations to go gluten/egg/fat/cheese free for a month, take these tabs and see how I go.

I have another visit booked, will see what that brings, how I feel about it, how I feel in myself and then re-asses whether to head back again or not. For while I am interested in the long term health benefits of naturopathy  – I dont have the money, nor the deep desire to cut out EVERYTHING I love from my life.


Eating Gluten free for last two days = a challenge – especially when shopping day is still half a week away, and most things I have in my pantry and freezer contain gluten. And there is that budget thingo again…. pesky thing keeps showing its little head.

I have found it interesting, trying to find foods to fill me up, satisfy for lengths of time and are ones that I already own. Meat and veggies seem to be the clear winners, but breakkie…. well thats a whole other post!!!!

It would be easy if I could have eggs…. omelette, boiled, fried, poached, frittata … the list goes on – but to lose gluten and eggs!! Aye yi yi

I guess I have to be thankful she did not say dairy too.


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  1. September 27, 2011 3:38 pm

    Sorry to hear you’ve found out about these foods potentially being an issue for you. I have problems with soy as well as being coeliac which limits the number of pre made foods I can eat.

    There may actually be a cure for celiac disease (other than the gluten free diet) that actually works and treats the condition. Here’s the topic on the matter – Jason is answering any questions you may have…

  2. bubblymel permalink
    September 30, 2011 1:44 pm

    wow Gluten! My bosses hubby is on a no gluten diet for a month and he is loving it, there are gluten free cereals you can buy but I don’t know how diet friendly they are!! I just found out I’m lactose intollerant! It’s all good though the worse thing is I’m allergic to white fish and now have to carry an epipen around!!

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