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Weigh In and Weekly Recap

September 22, 2011

Last night was weigh in night at my WW meeting – it is the meeting I have weighed in at for the last 6 yrs… and we worked out last night that it was this month, September, when we first went there – so it was an anniversary of sorts 🙂

I am not sure when it started, but I had begun to do my WI’s at home, conveniently on a thursday morning, newly up and toileted and lacking of clothing – my weight loss seemed so great that first week…. as opposed to weighing on an evening, fully clothed with a full days food/liquid intake in my system. It was also a convenient time and place to weigh when I figured I would gain, then I would not have to face anyone, no one would know and I could continue to eat crap without anyone knowing the full effects.

but…. well…. the excuses began to get bigger and so did my hips/girth – and my clothing tighter….. especially after the cruise!

So it is time to get real, stop the excuses, have some accountability and weigh in each week facing my team and my friends at WW. Its scary stuff – but I am made of tougher things and letting that do me in is not an option.

Last weeks weight: 71.1kg —————–WHAT 😯 ————————

This weeks weight: 70.3kg = – .800g


Week in Review:

Tracking??  If you check here at DaytoDay {my blog of tracking}  you can see that I am doing the right thing and have tracked everything for 7 days, and it showed this week by some weight loss.

Amount of weight lost?? As it was week one back on track I know it is not the BEST that I could of done but knowing what I have been up to this week, knowing just what is on my tracker and remembering that it was my first week back after a super holiday where getting organised again was half the battle – I am pleased that I did lose weight, and it goes a long way towards myself feeling a better again.

Exercise??  I did not set any goals this week, for I knew they may not happen due to getting back into my normal levels of organisation… and I didnt want to upset myself this early. So I did some when I felt like it and had the time.

Now that I see it all spelt out – I think I did well!! I certainly feel fitter already, and can see my shoulder blades begin to show thru again!! Yeah.

I want to keep this up – and am going to set some goals for this week…

** Tracking: another 7 days! regardless of what i shove in 😉

** Exercise:

  1. gym 3 x – run/walk treadmill, weights, class
  2. 2x 30 min walk, 1hr walk

Sounds like a lot, but when I plot it out in my diary – it does not seem so hard. but we will see!



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