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Quinoa Recipe

September 22, 2011

Quinoa Chicken Biryani

a tasty, filling, spiced and stir fried Quinoa, and all free to eat if your following the WW SF plan!

1 cup Quinoa

300gm Chicken Breast, diced into small pieces

1 brown Onion,finely diced

2 cloves of garlic finely chopped

capsicum, carrot, celery, zucchini all chopped into small dice

1 teaspoon each of Turmeric, ground corriander, ground cummin, garam masala.

a handful of peas, and a generous handful of chopped fresh corriander

To cook the quinoa; rinse thoroughly and then place over a medium heat and cover with 1&1/2 cups of cold water, bring to the boil reduce the heat and simmer covered for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile fry off the onion for a few minutes, then add the chicken and garlic saute until chicken is lightly coloured. Next add the spices along with a pinch of salt and saute for a few minutes more  add all other vegetables except for the peas, add a splash of water to create steam, cook until veggies are just done, add the cooked quinoa the peas and lastly the corriander.

Serve with natural yogurt – or even more corri…

{Recipe adapted from and idea I got when drooling over this recipe for Quinoa Lime Biryani @ Sweet Salty Spicy – thanks! and I am going to give this one a go for an picnic I have planned soon}


I cannot take any credit for this version of the recipe…for my husband J adapted and cooked it all. I wandered aimlessly till it was done!

I have tried Quinoa a few times and have been slow to win over to it’s taste, but knowing its impressive nutrient value {see here…. or google it for yourself!!} I know I just HAVE to like it!! And I think this recipe is the beginning of a new love affair! It will be in rotation into my weekly recipes…




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  1. bubblymel permalink
    September 30, 2011 1:35 pm

    Wow I was ready to wipe Quinoa off my list, as I really don’t enjoy the taste, but I think I may give it another go after reading all those benefits!

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