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I’ve said it before…

September 21, 2011

Just as I am getting back into healthy eating, exercising and positive thinking – I am struck down with sickness…..

This has happened a few times before but with injuries – and I begin to wonder why??

Today I have a whoppin, thumping headache – you know the ones that thump harder if you bend down to pick up anything……which woke me at 4am. I took two ibuprofen and grabbed an ice pack for my neck and went back to sleep it off.

6.30am… no let up. So paracetemol tried its best to budge the thump. Nada.

10am… more ibuprofen – and its still thumping away.

And to add to it all {TMI warning………..}

Its ttom and I have a case of a ‘funny tummy’ too!

Just to add to my woes!!

I am hoping this will all be gone tomorrow and I will continue on as normal. Although I do wonder if this is a kind of a detox of sorts – that my body is running of its own accord – for I have been eating well, tracking and exercising…. so change is about – even if it is not my weight {which after all the effort is still the same as when I got home from the cruise!!}

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