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scrubbing on my knees…. how many PP????

September 20, 2011

Today was a day without kids! One at kindy, one at school – and both of us with a day off!

So what did we do  – go out and have coffee? laze about reading? Nope – we donned the gardening gloves and ventured outside, to clean up and get organised for summer.

We weeded, pruned, swept and tidied – and now our outdoor area is almost ready for a long spring/summer of use. And every year we threaten to use it more – for it really is a lovely space! I hope this year our threats are taken seriously 😉

I will take some pics tomorrow to show the difference before we moved in and now – it amazes me just how much improvement has been made!

Also on the list today was the dismantling of our kids outdoor cubby house 😦 . It is too small for them now and no one but the spiders and outdoor junk hide in there – so it is time it went to new little ones for them to love and cook on its pretend stove top.

My sister in law is actually having it – and while I look forward to seeing my niece and nephew gain many hours of happy playtime in it – I was still struck by nostalgia and the fastness of time passing when your kids are little, when cleaning it up today.

Both our kids have had a tonne of fun in it, around it and more recently using the roof as a bed???? {Only A!!!}  so it is with a heavy heart I pass it on, for it was a well loved part of the family.

While searching for a picture to post of them playing in it – I am shocked to find that I took not one! The HORROR for a scrapbooker/blogger!!!


Out of interest I logged my weeding on e-tools… 4pp for 60mins, and after browsing thru the list found ‘scrubbing the floor on hands and knees’, and seeing as that is how I cleaned the cubby… I tracked it…. 4pp for 1hr!! bonus! I also walked a short 20 minuter to the local shops – mainly to loosen the sore muscles from the step class I took yesterday.

So I feel like I got plenty of movement into today, while at the same time it was  a productive day, with lots achieved and many plans made too….plants to go in places, Weber BBQ’s to be sold off and thoughts of coffee on relaxed sunday mornings 🙂


I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of our South Pacific Holiday… tomorrow I finish it off, as well as a bit of work time and some time at the gym.

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