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South Pacific Holiday – Pt 1

September 19, 2011

Okay – I flex my fingers and will begin to write…..

I know that if I do not write this post{s} about our recent holiday soon, it will be like it never happened… and our time away was far too wonderful for that to happen!!

Day 1 ~ We were up early, I was up earlier {remember I blogged about it…} and checked in at the airport with plenty of time to spare.

The kids loved flying,  and seemed to have no real worries with their ears or sickness {thankfully..}. A short bus ride took us to Darling Harbour where the ship was docked, and it looked amazing – so huge and impressive!

It takes your breath away!

The kids were squirming with such excitement – and running all over the place, so once we checked in, we boarded and began to explore!

We finally pushed away from the dock, and were off!

The Sail Away party was great fun, with lots of dancing and music,

and sailing under the Harbour Bridge, with only a few metres spare…

hello up there

…… it was breathtaking! It was moment where I felt super proud to not only be an Aussie, but to have given up so much and saved so hard to be able to take my family on such a great holiday!

Or maybe it was the cocktails talking 😉

they were not all mine!!!

See you later Sydney!!

Day 2 & 3 ~ Sea Days:

While steaming our way towards New Caledonia – we enjoyed the days relaxing by the pools,

reading , putting the kids in the Kids Clubs, doing activities, quizzes and of course drinking cocktails

pina colada

Jon and I had tea at the signature Restaurant for Luke Magnan – delish!

Day 4 ~ Isle of Pines:

We booked a tour today to the Natural Aquarium

– and due to age limits Dad, J and I could only go – so mum watched the girls on the beach.

The Natural Aquarium was lovely, the water was cooler than I expected, but once in and snorkelling around the fish, coral and clearness of the water make you forget everything else!

The rest of the day was spent snorkelling by Sacred Rock

while the kids cried and cried – as they were scared of FISH! And refused to get in the water. About this time we threatened offered kindly to send them home!!

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