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Cheese in the sun!

September 18, 2011

Well after a lovely day sitting in the sunshine at my SIL and BIL house – eating cheese, dip and crackers for lunch…. I feel happy – but full, slightly uncomfortable and a little regretful.

But there you go, that’s how life goes. Some days you just have to go with the flow, eat and enjoy – and get back on with healthy eating the next day. I have tracked it as much as I can – so that makes me happy-er…


Yesterday morning I hopped on my bike and rode!! Yah. First time in MONTHS, and while it was a little uncomfortable bottom wise 😉  actually riding again felt great. I rode 12.5km to work, which I thought was all down hill. Wrong. But it felt good, and I did okay –  and that makes me happy too 😎

I hope to make more use of my little green tinkerbell bike in the future!!


After a week of being home – weight wise – I feel bigger than ever!! Seems that all those danishes on the ship in the last week are showing themselves this week and a little ttom thrown in makes me feel worse…. sigh. What was I thought at the time huge amounts of fun eating…. now not so much.

I am working on getting rid of this excess weight – but it does feel like a bit of an uphill battle at the moment. Especially with eating at others homes. How do you get around that… its something I have yet to master!

Tomorrow was also a planned day out at a friends, with dinner at the MIL’s… and after the last 24hrs eating I was beginning to worry a bit – but they have both now been cancelled and I am both  😦 but  🙂 . I am going to take this opportunity to follow the SF plan all day, eat good healthy food, drink a butt load of water and green tea, head to the gym for a class and burn some cals.

And right now I am off to bed to write out my menu plan for the week and my shopping list – a key part to this losing weight, and keeping it off!!

Tomorrow I promise to fill you in on all the other fun things we did on this ship….

not just the eating fun!!

Sleep tight.

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