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A blue day just getting better { <—– sarcasm inserted}

September 14, 2011

At work today – I was told by a member {after 13wks of running their meeting and it being the VERY last one in the series} that they, and others, thought that the meetings had been very dissatisfying, and were disappointed they did not learn more. They were not structured enough – and that is why many people were not staying around each week. There was more, but I dont wanna cry anymore today.


and you tell me all this on. the. last. day.??

Why not give me some quiet feedback part way thru? Why not follow the pathways of communication that are so carefully {and expensively} put in place so that times like these do not need to occur? Why leave me to feel like an absolute dick? Like someone who does not care?

As a leader you become very involved in others lives, and I genuinely care about these people and their weight loss journeys – I think they are all lovely and doing a fantastic job….  {losing well over a combined 100kg in 13 wks!!!} And if I could of done any more to help them I would of…..

…but early on in the series all I got were the vacant looks, the yawns, the sneaky looks at watches and the wanting to be done by 1pm! This told me  that they were not really interested… so I cut back and let them lead the way.

looking at that sentence now {and thinking of the ‘learning how to lead’ seminar I attended over the weekend} – perhaps I miss-read those cues… perhaps I WAS boring them???

I guess I judged wrong.




Makes a gal re-evaluate herself – again.

It ended in tears. Dammit.

I take things to heart easily. Always have. Always will, I guess.






My favourite shoes broke!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhheeeeeeeee!

nice tan tho ;)

nice tan tho 😉

Ahh fcuk it.

Time to eat chocolate.

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  1. September 14, 2011 5:29 pm

    It is particularly lousy behaviour (and cowardly, in my view) to give negative opinions right at the very end – that means that they can say what they like, and then bugger off, not having to make eye contact with you at the next session.

    Sometimes chocolate *is* the only help – hugs to you!

  2. bubblymel permalink
    September 20, 2011 3:13 pm

    Oh No!!! Not those shoes!!!!! I really like them that I have been looking out for a pair over here! I can’t believe they waited till the end to tell you that! They should have been more honest!

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