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Inner Voices – and the toughness of routines re-establishing.

September 13, 2011

That last post certainly contained a little piece of my ‘inner voice’.

But his situation, and mine, really did have me wondering.

For a while i have been trying to piece it all together – this life of mine, but so far I only come up with only a few bits that resemble the way I thought it would be.

And I wonder {often} what I can do to change it.


This all comes from being away, coming home and feeling uncertain about all sorts of crazy {dumb} things – I know that. And I hope in the next few days life will settle into its normal ol routine, and I will feel some comfort again.

but still… that underlying – when and what and how – will be there.


I finally put all our photo’s onto the computer today, all 1470 of them! And soon I hope to have some time to sit and cull, and put them in order. I hope to post a few on here sometime in the next few days too.

I am trying to take these first few days at home easy. Trying to not make the expectations too high, trying to get the major jobs done first – kids, work, home. Photo sorting and the wanted gazing are not among the majors 🙂 no matter how I miss it all.

I am trying to eat better each day, as it is a case of weaning myself of the sugar again. And it is tough. Especially when I feel a bit spaced out – I want to turn to my old friend sugar for comfort.

One success is that I got up earlier than I have been and went to the gym!! I ellipticalled for 15min and walked for 15min – and burnt 380cals. I can tell my fitness is low as my heart rate sat at mid 130’s for most of the walk {speed 6.4, incline 1….}.

No matter what the great success was that I got up, and began.

And that is all it takes.

I hope tomorrow to be able to track a whole days worth of eating. Yesterday I began to but was completely brain fuddled, and found it hard to string two sentences together. Today I worked {twice} did the grocery shopping, cleaned up a bit, clothes washed and ran the kids to school and kindy. On work days I do everything within 2hrs blocks. Makes for a hectic, but almost un-achieving feeling day.

Tomorrow, there is good food in the house, work routine is easier as it has already been re-established, there is a pupil free day – removing one of my drive here and there’s and the chef is home during the day {unlike the past two days where he has gone back to work doing double shifts… I miss him} so it should be a bit easier to concentrate of what I need to do.


I would love to now chat about what we did on our trip, but for now sleep is the next major thing on my list. I have come home exhausted, and need to rest to keep me functioning!

but instead I leave you with a picture of the Jewel – view from Mystery Island – Vanuatu.

Glorious Day!


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