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August 26, 2011

5:03am and my eyes ping open as if someone just whispered in my ear – and then my brain catches up…. I’m going on a cruise today!!!!

Oh yeah!

I feel like I used too as a child on Christmas morning.

The alarm is set for 5:30 but my thoughts and brain were already well ahead of me and there was certainly no chance of going  back to sleep – and I had half written this post while still lying in bed!

365 days ago – August 25th 2010  – we headed into our travel agent and booked this trip, so the countdown has been a long one. But it has been even longer in the planning as it was  a few mths before that, that the idea of a holiday came to mind – and then the planning… what kind of holiday, where and when.

So after excitedly booking we sat down and did some simple division  – we had to be sensible about things {isnt this the story of my life sometimes…} between how many weeks left till we left and how many pay days there were – and this simple division led to 😯 we worked out we had to save $300.00 per fortnight… now as a single income family this would not be possible for living. So I got a job and we began a year of living a little more frugally than we already  normally do, and putting every spare cent and dollar in the bank.

and it worked.

We paid of this trip in full, saved the spending money, bought a new camera, new clothes and all the other small {costly} bits you seem to need to go away…and we have done it all without a loan or credit card!

To say I am impressed with this achievement is an understatement. But I am impressed with my family too – my husband for helping out with all of it – and most importantly my kids for not complaining {too much} when I said ‘no’ to something as the money was needed for the holiday. For sure they never missed out – but it is a good lesson for them to learn – that to get what you really want in life you need to work at it!

And so here we are – 365 days on – and ready to go.

My ticker now reads 1hr 25mins till we are wanting to be at the airport. The house is clean {for the housesitter}, the bags are packed, and the children are still peacefully snoozing 🙂

I will admit to not feeling as good as I could weight and health wise, and as good as I wanted to for this trip. I have let my busyness get in the way of exercise and good eating, and for that I am sad. Turns out changing your life around into healthy living is a tough on going process… but one that is well worth it – so we plug on.

I still have a few plans in place to keep the weight and health of all of us in check while on board what some describe as a feast on the water… and I determined  to follow thru with those plans. They say you go on as a passenger and come off as cargo!!!! And while I want to have some control I also get that I have saved long and hard for this trip and I am certainly gonna enjoy myself!

Well the time has come to sign off and go shower – I am nervous and excited all at the same time, but mostly happy to have finally arrived at this date.

Stay safe, stay healthy and get out and enjoy the sunshine!


Erakor Resort - Port Vila - Vanuatu

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  1. bubblymel permalink
    August 26, 2011 12:40 pm

    Yay!!!! You and Jon are so amzing and truly deserve this trip!! I hope you have a fabulous time and I cannot wait to be the first person you catch up with!!! See you at the air port!!!

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