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3:23am and Im up writing a blog post???

August 25, 2011

Up and about early today?? Gym??

Not intentionally nor is the gym open this early… just suffering a bout of indigestion!

Dinner last night was  a delicious mini roast lamb… complete with fat left on… a chicken sausage, dips, pita bread and salad. Lindt balls and apricots for dessert.

And its the fat on the meat and the sausage that has me pained at this early hour.

Actually just reading that dinner list makes me see sense! Not the best combination for me….

Even with daily {trialling of} medication that reduces acid – Nexium, which has been helping with the heartburn, I still have awoken feeling rotten. Making me wonder… has the effect of it reduced as I have been taking it for some time?? Hmm something to keep in mind.

Nexium is a type of medicine called
a proton-pump inhibitor. It works by
decreasing the amount of acid made
by the stomach, to give relief of
symptoms and allow healing to take

I know that just because I am taking medication to help with this problem does not mean I can eat anything I please, it is not the ‘miracle’ drug, & I know that eating this type of food are my trigger foods. I just learn the slow {hard} way 😉


I also have plenty on my mind. Which always makes for a restless sleep. After I laid there for 20mins hot & thirsty {sure signs of indigestion for me}, ignoring the start of a headache and trying to suppress a million thoughts from coming to the surface – I figured getting up was the best thing to do.

So now I have drunk 2 glasses of water, taken some more heartburn tabs, some paracetamol and am now ‘brain dumping’ those thoughts – I hope to head back to bed soon and sleep peacefully till morning.


Our much anticipated holiday is {almost so close you can smell the salty air} 24hrs away!! Cue the million thoughts – packing, house, kids, money, packing, cleaning, work, packing…. of things still left to do….and the list goes on.

I have finally ‘officially’ finished work for the week, but as with all ‘work from home/away from the HO’ style jobs, which mine is, work never really leaves your life.

I still have to do a stock take tomorrow {which is not due for  another 2 weeks, but happens before I arrive home} 😦 There are now a few more emails that need to be sent regarding other leaders filling in my meetings, and I have all the paperwork to finish as well. All this can be pretty taxing at times, leaving me as always, longing for the greener grass on the other side. The side where you have a job in a work place, that you leave at the end of the day and it does not follow you home. And neither does the buttload of stock.

But it is lovely every pay day 😉 – and of course I really enjoy being with and getting to know the members. And an even bigger bonus this week is that 2 of my members reached Goal Weight tonight!! Yah for them – both have worked very hard to achieve such great success.


Our packing will be in full swing tomor errr later today, and while we have been gathering things needed in a central location for some time now, the actual get-clothes-out-that-we-want-to-take pack has yet to begin.

Also the final details of money and banking, passports copied, de-hairing and lash tinting, will happen today too.

This week has been far more stressful that I imagined – and while I probably didnt show stress nor recognise it in myself,  a few major, and integral for the trip, things were delivered this week – both of which took longer to arrive than we had anticipated. And I only realised that I was stressed when I was super tired at 9.30pm and went on to have the best and deepest nights sleep the night they were delivered.

My very wise and loving friend told me the other day that the time of non-stess in a holiday is balanced out by double stress the week before you leave! Yes, you cannot escape it.


Right I am feeling suffciently sleepy now, headache is leaving and will more so after some sleep, heartburn is surrendering to the drugs and my thirst has died down.

Best get to bed before I suffer tomor errr today from tiredness…. only adding to the stress levels!!


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