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Chocolate – Currants – Chia

August 19, 2011

This was my porridge this morning…. holy yumm! And once I mixed it all in and let it sit for 5 mins to cool – it was a thick, warm, gluey, chocolatey breakie!

I have been seeing Mel’s choc porridge on her blog Trying to be a Yummy Mummy , but have not had the time recently to explore further for the recipe – and then a member in my WW meeting said the other night that she just puts a heaped Teaspoon of Jarrah hot choc mix in before cooking!

Genius Idea!!

It was delicious… as I just finished it while typing away 🙂



I cook my porridge in the microwave – due to time constraints – I use whole oats too {budget friendly 😉 } – so adding a spoon of this powder to the oats and water – then in the mici-wave for 1.00min works for me {then I add 1/2 c milk and mircrowave @ 70% strength for a further 2-4 mins depending on thickness liked…}

This way of cooking works best for me as I am usually making school/kindy lunches and I can leave it to cook on its own – while I ask 20 million bajillion times what do you want in your sandwich today {usually the answer is Vegemite – but guaranteed if I just went ahead and put that in without asking – I would be WRONG!}


Finally my working week is done – 6 shifts instead of the usual 4. Funny how your body gets used to working only 4… add another 2 in and things go downhill fast. I have not worked out or eaten properly in DAYS!

In fact my eating has been out of control – I think I have eaten every food I have been craving recently!!! A fact that makes me feel really awful…..So now that those cravings are out of my head, work is done for the week and I am stopping the excuses….  I can go back to eating good healthy food – and perhaps shed a bit of this bloating and undo some of the calorie gains…. 😳

Today is such a glorious day outside… forecast 17deg and fine! After days of rain rain rain its nice to see the sun!

And to begin the health part of my life again I am heading out for a big walk. I really need it, mentally and physically!

Enjoy the day!!

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  1. bubblymel permalink
    August 19, 2011 11:01 am

    Thanks for the link Love!! Can’t wait to catch up in September and I can make chocolate porridge for the both of us!!!

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