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Exciting day….

August 8, 2011

Things really got moving around here today – it was a day at home to do stuff.

Once the school run was under way by my better half – I settled down with a coffee to read some of my fav blogs… and the door bell rang – this early could only mean a delivery!

oooh, dont you just love parcel delivery!!

And this is what was delivered!

I won a gift voucher to the value of $100 from my work, and I used it to buy myself something nice – something not really necessary – but  useful all the same!

Here I am looking all early morning like – bed hair {and unwashed off mascara…erk} but still SUPER excited!

So far I only have a few books on it –

  • Mary Poppins, as we are seeing the show in a few weeks and I want the kids to not be disappointed/upset with the show – as it is based on the book and not the movie.
  • Little Woman – a childhood fav
  • Ariels Birthday Surprise – for the kids

I have realised that it will be such a handy companion to have on our cruise – for we all can have books on there that are our favorites, that we can read by the pool or do a bedtime story for the girls,  and we wont have to carry large, heavy books in our suitcases! Pure Win for all 🙂

It has a lot of nifty little features too – you can have it sideways aligned. You can put MP3’s on it, you can enlarge and change the font or even increase the spaces between lines on the page.

You can also underline your favourite lines of a book, and add to them a little note why you love it. It will ‘mark’ that page too by putting a virtual dog ear in the top corner… ha – how amazing! If  I could download some of my uni text books onto it – how cool would those above features be!!!

I am pretty happy with it – and cant wait to download books  that I have been itching to read for ages!!


Healthy Eating:

My eating has been a little haphazard – I had planned the week out – but plans have changed pretty quickly round here this week, and while I tried to eat mindfully I never got the chance to track any of  it.

I also went back to the docs, and while investigations to help solve some of my digestions problems are still underway – I mentioned that losing weight for me has been rather difficult lately… even with high attention paid to all areas – exercise, eating low fat foods, keeping a food diary etc.

She told me that concentrating on getting well and maintaining weight at this time is more important – and any stress relating to lack of weight loss would not help me AT ALL.

and I took that advice and ran with it.

Screw the ‘diet’ – eat what you want…. the doctor said so…

So while I agree with what she said, I probably took that advice a little to much to heart and ate what I wanted – when I wanted this week. And even tho I am not feeling like i have gained tonnes of kgs or anything – I do have a sense of not being true to myself.

So today I have eaten better – but as of yet have not tracked – that is still some way down the ‘To do” list… but I would like to get it done all the same – as it will be interesting to see if my intuitive eating went WAY off plan.

Tomorrow is one of my working days, and I need to be organised for it – as the husband is up and off early for an exciting all day appointment {to be disclosed at a later date….} and I will have to do the morning routine on my own. But this is good – for it means I will have all meals/snacks worked out and packed up to take out for the day. A much easier way to keep away from stuff I dont need to eat!


None today – for I am still stiff and sore from the Boxercise class on Saturday!! I will go for a walk tomorrow – after the school drop off – and try to stretch a bit longer when I get back!


Right I am off to do a few more “To Do’s”… and then early to bed! but I leave you with this photo of my crazy, adorable, cute and zany little four year old… she requested this photo be taken – after several attempts to jump as high as she could. She wanted to see what her hair does when jumping!!!

That 4 year old… drives me BANANA’S some days… but she melts my heart!


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