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I haz the shakes from Boxercise.

August 6, 2011

A mix up of the girls dance time table has given us an extra 45mins each Saturday morning – to do what the hell we like…. yeah!

And while I would LOVE to lie in bed and laze with my husband {and with two kids pushing, kicking, talking and being pains why wouldnt I stay in bed….} – I instead made the most of this time and hit the gym for the Saturday Boxercise Class!

As always, exercise in the AM for me is just suits me so well. I love it. And if skipping a morning lie in each saturday keeps me feeling fit and healthy then it is worth the sacrafice.

And besides… we have Sundays to laze 😉

My partner today – was interesting… bit of an excuse maker… but he did ok in the end, And so did I for a somewhat beginner.

We did lots of jabs, upper cuts and side punches {? I’m not fluent in boxing terms yet….}, push ups, lunges, squats, froggie jumps, kicks, planking and steps overs.

Phew. And when getting in the car after  – I had trouble holding the key to slip it into the keyhole 😯  I iz gonna hurt tomorrow!

I have been to this class before, and enjoyed it – but have never been able to attend regularly.

But I am able to now 🙂 I am already booked in for next week.

And I look forward to reaping the fitness and toning rewards that boxing each week will bring!!

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