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What to do…

July 9, 2011

I am being given a free afternoon…. the kids are off with their granny for the afternoon to see a ‘Something on Saturday’ show… and wont be home till 5pm.

And I have two things I want to do – I want to scrap and I want to work out. But there are a few logistical things to think about.

This is not really an open question for everyone to answer… just me getting out of my head and writing it down – which usually helps me answer problems.                        ~conversation with myself in italics 😉 ~


*I could leave for the gym as soon as they leave, and want to jump in the pool and swim some  laps {uncoordinated ones from lack of swimming} Then sit in the sauna for a little bit and enjoy the free time. Come home and scrap before I need to pick them up…

~This way my workout is over and done with quickly and then I am free~

*I could scrapbook for a few hours then race to the gym an hour before I need to pick them up…

~This way I get a bit of a break after they leave and dont have to leave the house-come back for short time -leave the house again, something I HATE~

~but leaving it too late could mean I dont end up going and will only up being cross with myself~

~and I just noticed that the gym closes at 4 anyway – so I would have to do the leave house-come back for short time- leave house trick~

* Or I could just go to my mums and walk on the treadmill…

~ and risk eating crap and hating myself and costing myself too many $$$~





And after years of learning just how and what and when I like to workout – and many missed workout sessions due to lack of planning and excuse making  seems  I really know what to do – go now -get it done and relax later….

writing it out for me is good as I can see it clearly. I am your typical visual learner.

Well then – now that they have actually gone {bye bye} I am off to put on the togs and am outta here!!

Thanks for the head clearing conversation 😉

Edited to add:

I have been, swum and am now home and eating yogurt topped with sliced pear! and I feel great.

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  1. Mel Gedge permalink
    July 10, 2011 11:18 pm

    great job! I believe I had a similar conversation with myself this afternoon and I am so glad I went to the gym!

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