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Schools out!

July 8, 2011

I am taking a small break to post quickly – as I have a fair bit of WW paperwork to get done, and dont want it to take all night – for I have plans!

The schools finished early today in anticipation for July School holidays {anticipation for parents not included} and now the kids are home for the next two weeks.

So in honor of this early finish I am dressed in PJ’s already…{3.02pm :mrgreen: } and the kids will be having a movie / dinner night – where I set them up in front of the tele with a movie playing {more than likely a Barbie one} – and a cute little dinner tray each. Then I am free to spend the evening as I please!

And what pleases me most on a cold, wintery night is to scrapbook! Yeah!

I have spent a bit of time this week re-organising papers, stickers and general where-I-am-up-to in readiness for a quiet few evenings 🙂


Yesterday was a bit of a wasted day for me – I find after my two busy days at work and running around after the family that Thursday is the day I flop. I cant be bothered getting up early to workout, and I {more often than not} cant be bothered to eat well. After a bit of eating stuff I would rather not think about – I stopped, tracked it all and began to eat normally again. I came in at about 13 pp over my daily allowance, but it could of been worse…a lot worse. I am pleased that I stopped, but the awful feeling stayed with me all day and due to that have now worked out a plan to stop that happening again.


Today I was determined to do right. To not let yesterday be repeated.

Alarm was set, I was in bed early – with all gym stuffs laid out in readiness… and up I DID get. I was on the Elliptical by 6.17am this morning. Success.

I did 20 elliptical, 10 rower, 15 machine weights/core and 5 min stretching. A good workout in the end.

I have been eating right on plan too. And feel great.

Working out in the AM just WORKS for me. It makes me want to eat better, keeps my attitude positive and things seems so much easier.

This is another key or secret to weight loss/ maintenance… find what works and stick to it and keep things happening – in my case bed early, gear laid out, style of exercise planned out – to make it easier for you to do.


Right then… must get back to that WW stuff….for my photos, papers, stickers  and itunes on in the background call 8)

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  1. July 8, 2011 5:03 pm

    Yay for winter holidays. We are all in our pyjamas and ready for holidays as well.
    I don’t scrapbook but am working on my new ‘vision board’ tonight.
    Happy Holidays:)

    • July 9, 2011 1:50 pm

      Ha ha… love to get in my PJ’s as early as possible!!
      You and me sound very alike!!

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