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A plan for me – to lose 3kg.

July 3, 2011

Its all I want to do – its all I need to do.

But I just cant seem to achieve it.

I begin well, I carry on well – then business, hormones, self sabotage or laziness get in the way. And the hard work I have done is negated and I end up weighing in the same.

3 weeks in a row I have been the same weight. and it is mighty frustrating.

I do know what it is – it the above reasons.

I am going along great -tracking, exercising, feeling postitive and feeling great – and then I let a thought in…

~I can have that cos I have done so well~

And that thought wins.

That thought is the undoing of me.

So I am going to try a new angle. Mix it up – try to get over the ‘I deserve it’ hurdle.


I am a very slow weight loser. Having been a weight watchers member for 15+ years, I know my body well. It does not take much eating of sugary/fatty foods for me to not lose. I wont gain much {sometimes not at all} but I certainly wont lose.

And after working hard at keeping to my pp, exercising 4-5 times a week and sticking to my plan – I get so frustrated that my efforts {which are greater than most people I know} do not get me anywhere… then the spiral continues into ‘why do I bother’  ‘I look ok as I am’ ‘how come they can eat all that and I cant’ ‘its too hard’.

And once that spiral begins it is hard to stop  and I find myself eating what I can, when I can – and then hitting the foods that I love – for I know my out-of-controlness wont last and I wont get to eat my favorite things again. till the next time I think about how well I am doing….

Which could be part of the problem.


So for a few weeks I am going to try to insert lollies and sweet things into my daily plan. Sounds crazy I know – to have just stated that these food are my ‘Frankenstein’ foods, are foods that stop me losing weight and I am going to have them in my house and in my daily eating… but I am hoping that by not denying myself a little of them of each day I will stop the need to have an over fill of them every week or so.


A few WW plans ago – they had the idea of not having more than 14 points of sugar/alcohol per week. And I liked that idea. For it gave me freedom with restraint. And I plan to do that for myself within this current plan. Its not a part of the plan AT ALL – but it is something I think I can work into my daily plan and see if it works for me.

I am going to make myself a treat box, and fill it with zip-lock bags containing my favourite treats that add up to 1 and 2 pp. And every day I am going to allow 2pp, from my daily allowance, for snacking on these fun things.

14pp per week on treats. Something small and sweet to look forward to everyday.

I am really hoping that by having these ‘Frankenstein’ foods in my pantry I do not go crazy and devour the lot in one huge binge… and if that is looking like it is beginning I will ask J to put it out of sight and bring it out each day for me to pick from.

I am looking forward to trying this challenge/ new way of going about things – and will re-asses in one week to see if it is working.

By not denying myself the little things I really love.

But in doing this – I also will need to stick to my daily allowance and exercise each day for it to work.

I am determined to get back to my goal weight…. its not far away I can see it’s close by.

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