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Hello from over here…

July 2, 2011

over here in Busy town!! Another whole week {plus a few} down…. another one slipped by without stopping to smell the roses and almost without hugging the kids!!

Some weeks just have so much packed into them – that I wonder what it would be like to just sit home each day/evening and do nothing.

And then I know that answer too – Boring.


some highlights of our week:

lined up waiting for the sun to warm them...

Solar panels were installed!!

Wow. I never thought we would enter into this, but due to some lovely, kind and much appreciated generosity of my in-laws we are the proud possessors of  an electricity wheel that often spins BACKWARDS!!

Love you sunshine!! Keep up the fantastic work.

and while our wheel spins slowly backwards we sit and wait for ETSA to come hook her up. Sometime in November is my bet {there is a 4-5 mth wait so we hear} .

Along with solar panel came big holes….

in my bedroom wall… 😦 put there by panel installers and some very wrong moves….

The good news is that they have been SUPER efficient at sending round a tradie, {who arrived  on the right date and on time!!} to fix it up.  And exactly one week exactly after damage it was finished.

I am impressed!

We have sample some tasty dinners from the latest release WW cookbook – unfortunately none I can post on here… and as each meal was seriously anticipated – I inhaled before I even gave the camera a second thought. sorry.

I have worked out – lots.  Dvd’s, classes, ellipticals, rowers, running, walking

J and I even went for a walk up to Anstey Hill Recreation Park – without the kids. It was nice to spend time together.

I have started two new WW meetings, and both are going super well. With the group of 13 today losing 23kg in their first week!! They are a lovely group of people and I look forward to getting to know them all better.


We were out every night for 8 nights- excluding the sunday in the middle {my day of rest 😉 } making that 8 nights where I have packed the girls pj’s, and theirs and mine dinner, to take with me and then hauled them in from the car sound asleep. Only to get up in the morning and put their pj’s back in the bag to take out again that night.

We have enjoyed candle parties, quiz nights, a friends and family bday’s and a Korean feast at one of J’s workmates, and I have worked so the kids enjoyed two nights at the grandparents while they babysat.

Can you understand my absence now. Its exhausting just reading it back over.

and to be honest -I wrote this on tuesday last week… and have edited it 4 separate times, so that it read correctly!! So now I am hitting publish before anything else gets in the way!

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