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good one!!

June 21, 2011

My sleep was  good one… I did have a lot on my mind about today, and how it was going to run, but I mentally turned off knowing it would all work out okay.

My alarm buzzed at 6.05 and then again at 6.11… and I laid there for a bit listening to the mad wind… which blew crazily all night…. and then at 6.15 my bladder could stand it no longer.

Forced up – I just got dressed and went.

20min elliptical – 10min rowing – 15min core…. nice workout!!

And I was home by 7.15am.


Breakie was a delish bowl of multi-grain oats {made into porridge} with the last one of those banana’s, brown sugar and pumpkin/sunflower seeds.

School and kindy drop off done, and now I am off to get ready for a brand new WW meeting – love meeting new people. Then its off the beautician armed with a whipper snipper ;), school/kindy pick-up, swimming lessons, kids to the babysitter, work, kid pick up and home for tea and then bed…. to repeat the exact same day tomorrow.


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