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June 20, 2011

The hopes for an early workout today were dashed after a terrible nights sleep!

I think it was the combination of falling asleep with my electric blanket on and leaving our ducted heating on – I was too hot and had strange dreams all night.

I dreamed I was going on a holiday but it was impossible/ huge struggle to get out of the house, and then once at the airport is was also impossible /huge struggle to leave or get to a plane… adding to that I was devastated that I had forgotten my resume {?????}

Everything felt out of my reach. Like I was struggling, pushing and rushing at every turn….

And the last bit, about forgetting my resume, I only remembered about when chatting with friends today and one mentioned having to do her resume tomorrow.

Such a strange night of dreams. Any thoughts on meanings???

Perhaps they allude to my continuous struggle to lose weight, despite living and breathing a healthy life….

who knows….


So its early to bed for me, blanket off, heater turned way down and my gear for the gym neatly laid out. Another attempt to go early will be made.

And by early I mean now. Nite…..

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