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PMT… go away!

June 3, 2011

It doesn’t hit me often… but this week the PMT has been strong! and what pisses me off more than the hormones is the fact I can hear the awful stuff coming out of my mouth towards someone…{generally J} and I dont mean any of it… it just comes.

All this tension could be cos the chef is still off from work… 1.5weeks almost {& goes back tomorrow & } and we have seen a lot of each other without much new conversation to add to the mix { & probably by this time next week I will be longing for him to spend some time with us…}

Or it could just be a bad mix up of hormone levels.

Who knows??? But what I do know is that I want it gone….NOW.

It also affects me mentally – like a fog of anger that threatens to settle over my mind and stops me wanting to do anything constructive, anything positive or anything healthy. This morning I did not want to workout on my own, the negative thoughts were crowding out the knowledge that I would feel better after – I needed someone to tell me what to do, I wanted to work hard, all to burn out the anger!

So I lined up for a step class, and told the super hyperactive pocket rocket instructor that I was feeling bad and needed pushing. OH Boy… and push she did!

And it worked!  several times more often than not my heart rate was nudging 177bpm – and I was a sweaty and sore, but happy, chick after the class.

I told her too that our cruise is approaching fast – so she has challenged me to improve on some sit ups that we were doing… and I intend to do just that!


I am feeling happy to say that have tracked once again today… I think that is three in a row now, and after previously completing 23 days in a row – I know I can do it – and intend on breaking through that barrier!!


Right now I am off to scrapping class, where I am making some serious cuteness for my almost mum-to-be friend.

I am attending her Baby Shower tomorrow, and have made some delicious looking Fetta and Sundried Tomato muffins to take along – I will do a pic and recipe tomorrow!! and will also show what I have made her. I love giving hand made presents!

xx Night xx

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