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I’m A positive………… person ;)

June 1, 2011

I did a {my first of two} Blood donation today!!

tis only a small pin prick....

I love giving blood, makes me feel like a good member of the community.

I am also an Organ donor, and in a few weeks I will be a Plasma Donor.

Hmm what else should I donate that I dont really need???? Eggs?? {double question mark needed….} Clothes? Baking Tins? Kids? {just kidding on that last one..}

I am blood type A+, and I love that I am. Its a good thing to be able to say 🙂

I also love the food and drink that you get to help yourself to at the end… and it being a self service area, you can have a few bits and bobs. Although I may have had a bit much and feel full now….

I picked out cheese & crackers, a piece of fruit cake and an iced coffee – all delicious – but all so high in PP!! eeeek. And now that I have tracked it all in my daily e-tools tracker…well I am out of PP for the day….. hmmm.

But it is all for a good cause, and I am pleased to be healthy enough to be able to donate regularly! What else I like is that you have a mini health check each time you go… you get to weigh {not that I need to}, Blood Pressure and Hemoglobin levels checked. And it is always good to be told that all my levels are perfect, or better than!! Nice one healthy living!!

I will need to wait four weeks until I can donate Plasma…. but once I can I am there!! I will have to monitor how much free foods I sample at the end tho!! 😳


This morning I had planned on a 6.30 gym time… but sleep in a bit I did. Seems I made the right decision this morning, as at that time it was the low of 3.9deg!!! Brrrrr – it was nice and warm were I was…….but all good things have to come to an end, so once I up I just dressed in my gym clothes and drove there straight after school drop off. I only have time for 30min on Wednesday, so I made the most of it and did a hard 20mins on the elliptical, and then walked up-hill on the treadie for 10. With Lady Gaga ‘Bad Romance’ ringing in my ears – its was a joy 😀


Speaking of 101 in 1001 – and completing goals….we went out to dinner the other night with friends – and saw a movie – The Hangover 2.

For dinner we went to Cafe Fellini  in O’Connell St. I had one of their famous Wood Oven pizza’s – the Tex Mex. Although it was not spicy due to asking for no jalapenos, it definitely needed some other Mexican flavour….as it was just an average pizza with sour cream and half taco shells on it….  overall tho it was nice and I enjoyed it. Jon had the Crab Risotto. Which he said was nice too.

The movie though………….. was So.Freakin.Funny!!!! I laughed till I cried!!

I would recommend that you watch no 1 again before you go to see no 2, as it does reference back a lot… and if your like me and forget movies almost as soon as you have seen them – it will help you greatly!

It was a great night out {without the kids 🙂 } and to be able to spend it with a lovely couple made it all the more fun … cheers Paul and Lisa.



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