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Chocolate Slice{s}

May 10, 2011


I am attending my scrapbooking camp this weekend, and my mum and dad are the cooks – yes, just like when I was in Guides and Scouts, and school, my parents were always the cooks.

Funny tho I never remember being embarrassed by them being there – ok well perhaps when my dad tried to act cool and told his awful dad jokes to my friends… buts that just what happens when your a kid isnt it??

So, mum and dad have cooked on this camp for a few years now, and I still find it okay – better than okay, as I know exactly what they are cooking, how they are cooking it and I know how it will taste – nice.

Also my dad wanders round and offers to make everyone cups of tea and coffee, and will bring the bickie tin with him too…. hows that for an added BONUS! {mel you will appreciate this…}

So I win… in all ways.

Seriously looking forward to this weekend. I wait all year for it and am sad when it is all too quickly over. So I make sure I enjoy every minute!


To help mum out I always try to make what I can before the weekend, as they are pretty busy up there!

So today I have 7 things to make:

    • Spiders {changs noodles, choc and peanut butter}
    • Mars Bar Slice
    • Macadamia biscuits
    • Chocolate Brownies
    • Chocolate Walnut Slice
    • Chocolate Peppermint Slice
    • Anzac Biscuits {for my kids school lunches, no nuts or eggs in those babies}

I have no car today as it is in having the suspension sorted out, so I stuck at home – so what better way to spend forced time at home than baking tasty goodies…..

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