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Going to finish this one…

May 4, 2011

I am determined to get this post published!! I have begun three, not completed them and then come back a day later and deleted it.

Life as usual is busy – nuts almost…

Along with having an absent husband who is off on a work sponsored seafood extravaganza-eating-fest… days for me are being taken up with the kids and work – bag packing, bins, dog walking /feeding, dishes and all the small jobs that we normally share.

He is home tonight! Thank goodness.

Some good news is that I have now tracked for 7 straight days in a row! A major achievement for me… and I feel better.

My bloating has gone {cept for the crapola I ate yesterday due to lack of planning and low organisation levels} and I am feeling fit – from having rocked up at the gym and done three classes and a treadmill/elliptical session.

I have set up an accountability system with another leader {who also wants to shed 3-4kg’s} where we are emailing each other our daily tracker. Whether she gives me feedback or not – its working just writing it out for her to see and perhaps frown and shake her head at!! 🙂

I am off now to unpack the car from yesterdays madness, and repack it for todays work! SO MUCH STUFF!!

113 days to go….


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