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A little hurty..

April 28, 2011

from my two classes at the gym! Already!! and its only an hour after I got home… tomorrow – a WORLD of agony.

but worth it… seeing I just spent two hours looking at my bouncing form in a mirror 😥

and I weighed in this morning…. double 😥

I think that bike ride {left un-used from this morning} will have to be put into action… not sure my legs will handle anything more.

I have slipped ‘out of shape’ so quickly, and while I know ‘shape’ will come back quickly it does take your breath away at how fast it goes.


My eating today was on plan, and tracked. An old-ish freezer meal – Risotto – that needed to be used up was served, late after the gym, for dinner with extra roast veggies {with extra made for a saturday picnic lunch}. And a warm hot chocolate drink was dessert – instead of a coffee. 🙂

Probably has put me over my PP but I worked hard at the gym and burnt over 900cals.


Having just watched tonight episode of  ‘The Biggest Loser” I am determined to finish off my list…101 in 1001… {101 mini goals in 1001 days} and publish it to the page up in the top corner. In hindsight I should of written the list then logged onto the website – doh. For now I am about a month into the time with no list and nothing started.

Best get onto it then….

later gaters x

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