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Smokey goodness

April 20, 2011

Wow a few days taken off from the world can do a girl some serious good!!

The little family and I took some time out and dissapeared off the woods for some good old fashioned camping.

No power – No water – No flushing loo

and boy did we have a great time.

Now I know this kinda camping is not for all – but I love it, the chef loves it and the kids love it {for now ;)}.

Its a good time to stop and enjoy the world, your family and yourself. Time to have cuddles round the fire, time to send the kids off exploring on their own and time to sit and enjoy a cuppa in the silence.

We came home not only stinking of wood smoke and exhausted from running around  – we came home happy and ready to face the world again with great motivation to get things done.


So – today I have tracked my food so far… {more on this later} and I have been to my mums and walked a mile or two on her treadmill while watching TBL from sunday {which I missed due to the lack of electricity}. I have not walked or exercised on a regular basis for …well…weeks, and it was time to get back on wagon 🙂 and get going again. And while the 45mins went fast I wont say that I totally enjoyed it – I dont regret the workout, but it was a mental push to keep upping the speed and the incline. I am pleased that this first step is now done, and tomorrow is waiting for a second workout this week.


Work time is beginning to creep ever closer… and while I would love that the large huge pile of smokey, smelly washing would haul itself into the machine and wash itself….the reality is that it wont – so i best move to get it started.

Photos to come later of our adventures in the Forest!

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