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Choc Chip Wabbits

April 9, 2011

MMM – making choc chip biscuits on a cool rainy day! Nothing better in life 😉


Now that I am beginning to feel more like my old self again – I got up and went for a walk along our local creek. Nothing too stressfull, just walking & listening to the water and birds – good for the soul and the body!

Last nights walk didnt happen as I was torn between the need to rest and recover and the power of exercise. The couch, a wheat bag on my newly massaged neck, candles burning and ‘The Tudors’ won out…. still all good for me and my ever diminishing migraine.


Today we have spent the morning at dance lessons again – with this being the last one of the term, we parents were permitted to sit in and watch what are normally closed lessons. And it was so wonderful to see the  results of many a Saturday morning sitting around in a strange room, small talking to woman I barely know. Makes it all worth it!

Both my girls have come along way in their dancing – and are really enjoying it {meaning more saturdays sitting in that room…}. I was a proud mum this morning.


Breakie today was a delicious scrambled egg {one whole egg, one white}, zucchini, onion, garlic and corriander with a piece of wholemeal toast. So good and tasty!

Lunch was half eaten at my parents: 2 small pieces of sultana toast/marj and now I am just defrosting a bowl of minestrone soup.

Tea: pan fried chicken with steam veg and ratatouille over the top.

Dessert ;)… we are off to a party later tonight – so will check out the dessert table and see what I feel like eating… only one thing tho!!


Another good thing that happened today was my mum found an old bag of costumes when cleaning up her sewing room – and in it was a dress I wore to a medieval 21 birthday… when I was 19…. and trying it on today I found that it fits!! yeah 😆  There would was a time when it would not have fitted – but it does again and that is a nice thing to find out. My girls had a lovely time trying on all the costumes – and running round giggling.

Good peaceful, productive day all up – just how I like em!

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  1. April 9, 2011 8:09 pm

    It sounds like a pretty nice day to have. Mr Migraine must have left you …… to visit me…. three days now!

    • April 10, 2011 4:50 pm

      oh no!! damn things…. hope you feel better and brighter soon!

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