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Clear head

April 8, 2011

I am feeling better today! hooray.

My migraine that has been my “friend” for almost a week now, is not here today, and I shall make the most of it.

I fear tho he is lurking in the background ready to strike at any time, so i will be keeping my activities to non migraine producing ones. Like getting off the computer!!

I have not exercised since the weeked – except for 45 mins walking on my mums treadmill watching TBL on line – but I hope to change that today. I will just walk, not run, as I dont want to encourage the pesky migraine to come back. Walking makes me so much better – so I will make the effort and head out into the fantastic day that Adelaide has been given…31 deg!!

Right then – off to do the school run, banking, posting, medicare refunds, raffle ticket drop off, shopping and many other boring but necessary errands………. did I just say that I didnt want to do anything to encourage the migraine???

Hmmm – not being so busy would help!

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