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Melbourne day 2

April 6, 2011

Saturday morning… I had pre planned a run/walk and with clothes laid out in readiness – I was up, dressed and out the door telling the only other person up to not expect me back for over an hour…

It was brisk and cool in Attwood –  and having arrived at dusk the previous night and then spending the evening indoors recovering from my migraine – I had absolutely no bearings on where I was or what was around. And I was keen to ‘see what I could see’….I could see there was a park running alongside our holiday home – so I headed for that, followed a fantastic path, and another, and yet another – until I found myself running near the Westmeadows Tennis Club and along a cool looking creek way.

I was out for an hour – running for 30 mins and then walking for 30. The combination of fresh, cool air and exercise help clear my foggy, post migraine brain and helped to stretch my tight neck muscles. So nice!

Did you see that tho??? the Running for 30 mins….

I had taken my ipod, with week 5 of C25K, but didnt feel like being told what to do.  I felt like…well….freedom… most definitely escaping from the close confines of the car and the migraine… so I warmed up with some brisk walking and began to run. Figuring I would stop when tired.

After 15mins, I began to think at 20 I would stop.

At 20 – it became 25…

And then I figured I may as well hit the 30 mark!

Woo hoo 😀 I so pleased with myself. I have thought for a while that the C25K was probably holding me back – well actually it is more like I was using the fact that I was working thru it methodically, week by week, as an excuse to not to try to attempt running for longer periods.

That day was a great time to bust out of the confines and just run. So now I need to keep doing that time, and begin to improve – to try to get to 5km. I am hoping to map the route on Map my Run – so it will be interesting to see just how far I went.

{Edited to add: I ran just over 3km, and totaled 7.99km with walking back to the house 🙂 }

The next part of our day was spent wandering around the local DFO, which is a direct factory outlet. Not overly my style – shopping wise and clothes wise – and lacking money – it was fun, for a bit… then I was over it! I did buy a top {$10} and an Easter egg silicon cake mould.

Afternoon consisted of sitting on the couch, drinking cups of tea and chatting with friends over for the party too, from Tasmania. But as always time slipped by, and with an oven not overly concerned at heating up enough to warm our dinner, we found ourselves running late to be ready for the party! The place suddenly became a madhouse with costumes, make-up, kids and adults getting geared up in M themed costumes.

We were:

Miss Moneypenny

Minnie Mouse @ MTV Awards














Cute Madeleine

TMNT Michelangelo

















and me….


Michelle Bridges

back of jacket





























and of course I cant forget the star of the party….


Moulin Rouge Dancer - Mel

Delicious M cake






















Group shot!


we had a great time at the party – catching up with Mel and Matt, and meeting some of their friends and family. Tasty food was eaten, delicious slices sliced and consumed and drinks were poured.

Fun Times.



M Party Collage

It was sad when it was time to go – and we had to say goodbye {for now} to our wonderful friend Mel 😦 – thanks for inviting us… we had a wonderful time!






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  1. bubblymel permalink
    April 6, 2011 9:06 am

    Thanks for coming!!! I had a wonderful time and I’m glad you guys did too!!!

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