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In the pool

March 13, 2011

Days are busy round here – yesterday we did: dancing, cleaning, packing, party-ing in a park, swimming and dinner with the family.

Swimming in the parents pool for..oh… about 4 – 5hrs! I finally managed to drag Miss 6 1/2 out of it at 9pm! Luckily today is a total day of ntohing for us – and they can spend it resting and hopefully not fighting!

My kids just love it in the pool – they are like two little fish – or a fish and a Mermaid if you were to ask Miss 6 1/2!!

I love it too – and it has been a most welcome addition to our large family.

Thanks Nan…. <3<3



My 4 week selfish plan?? Hows it going??

Well I am eating really well, taking all my own food around and moving a lot – but I have noticed the picking has started up again. It can be very hard not to when it is all around – especially kids parties, pool side dinners and just generally having children. And one or two bites cant hurt… can they?? 😳

I lost 1.4kg last week, which is great, and is certainly heading down in the right direction. My clothes are feeling nicer on me, and I can tell my shape has changed – which to me is the most important part! A number on the scale is just a number on the scale. A fit and healthy body is one I want to present to the world!!

But I have had a few blips this week – one day spent on the loo and vomiting, one day recovering, the picking epidemic and now today the Chef has been called into work and my AM workout has disappeared…. as he left quickly at 4.55am.

He is meant to be working until midnight tonight – so not sure if I will be able to get out there and do something. I have agreed with myself to take any opportunity that presents itself today – and have dressed in my workout gear one arises – so I am ready to go. If not I plan to housework the day away anyway – so will put on my pedometer and musac – will move as much as I can and am prepared to vacuum and mop if I have too!! did I just say that????

Today is a good day to refocus on what I want to do – so I plan to go and read again how I was feeling some weeks ago when I was getting no where… and feeling sluggish and unfit. That should lift me into motivation again to keep me going this week.

I have also planned in rewards for me to have… if I have done ALL that I planned to.  Now I am not sure what to do – do I reward myself for trying as best I could … or do I say ‘No’ as I really have not stuck to what I wanted 100%.

Hmm not sure what to do on that one. My reward is to go and have a spa bath (by myself) …. and just enjoy and read a book. Will take a bit of thinking about – but already my stubborn mind is say – “no you didnt stick to it…. remember the Cheds, the packet of chips you munched out of, the jam roll and custard at last nights dinner….”

Ok. Decision made. Its a no.


Next weeks reward is fabulous!…. so I must bookmark this page to come back to and read when times are tough!

Anyway time is ticking by and there is a healthy breakie of mushrooms and tomato to eat 😀 Musac to be turned up and housework to be started!

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